Missing And Unidentified Persons, Dental Identification, Multiple Fatality Incident

Review, Coding (NCIC, CAPMI4 & WinID) and Digital Scanning of Antemortem  Dental Records $75.00 / Case
Review, Coding (NCIC, CAPMI4 & WinID) and Digital
Scanning of Postmortem Dental Information
$75.00 / Case
Perform Dental Examination, Radiographic and Photographic (Digital) Procedures on Postmortem Remains $200.00 / Hour
(1 Hour Minimum)
Classic Dental Comparison –   Involves the comparison of written and typical radiographic dental information and generation of report as to the findings. $200.00 / Hour
Complex Dental Comparison – Involves the comparison of written, radiographic (typical dental, cephalometric, CT Scan, medical, etc.), photographic (casual snapshots, portraits, intraoral, etc.) and/or 3-Dimensional object (dental casts, niteguard/mouthguard, etc.) and generation of report as to the findings. $200.00 / Hour
Multiple Fatality Incident – Off Site Activity (phone consultation, computer software support, etc) $200.00 / Hour
($200.00 Minimum)
Multiple Fatality Incident – On Site Activity $2500 / Day
(1 Day Minimum)

Bitemark Cases

Bitemark Evidence Collection – Off Site Activity (phone or email consultation regarding the procedures to preserve evidence) $200.00 / Hour
($200.00 Minimum)
Bitemark Evidence Collection – On Site Activity $2500 / Day
($900.00 Minimum)
Bitemark Evidence Analysis – Including Generation of Report (if requested) $200.00 / Hour
Review Bitemark Evidence and/or Report Generated by Other Forensic Expert $200.00 / Hour
Consultation or Conference with Attorney, Law Enforcement Personnel or other authorized individual regarding case information. $200.00 / Hour
($200.00 Minimum)

Trial and Deposition Testimony

Trial Testimony $2500 / Day
($900.00 Minimum)
Deposition – At GB Forensic Services’ Office $300.00 < 1 Hour
$200.00 / Hour for each addt’l hour or part of.
Deposition – At Other Location $2500 / Day
($900.00 Minimum)
Trial or Deposition Preparation – Includes, but is not limited to, conference with attorney(s), fabrication of visual aids, etc. $200.00 / Hour
Office Disruption Fee
(Waived if 48 hours notice is given in regards to Cancellation of Scheduled Testimony or Deposition)

Miscellaneous Services and Expenses

Civil Cases – Malpractice, Personal Injury, etc. $200.00 / Hour
Age Determination Cases – Includes Examination and
$200.00 / Hour
(1 Hour Minimum)
Training Sessions – Includes in-depth training in regards to Missing/Unidentified Persons, Dental Identification, Bitemark Evidence, Multiple Fatality Incident Preparation and Computer/Digital Applications in Forensic Odontology. Contact GB Forensic Services for Quote
Paid Expenses reported by GB Forensic Services – Includes, but is not limited to: Company Vehicle Mileage ($0.535 / Mile 2017); US Postage; Telephone Charges By Report
Paid Expenses Supported with Receipts – Includes, but is not limited to: Lodging; Meals; Private Delivery Charges (FedEx, UPS, etc.); Outside Audiovisual; Laboratory; Photography; Radiography; Trial Aid Support; and, Transportation (airline, taxi, parking, etc.) Costs. By Receipt

All fees listed above are in US currency.  

Please contact GB Forensic Services if you have any questions.