GB Forensic Services provides consulting, referral services and information regarding developments in issues dealing with Forensic Odontology. The issues covered by this company include: Multiple Fatality Incidents that require identification by dental means; Missing and Unidentified Persons cases; Bitemark cases (including the collection and analysis of the evidence); Human Abuse cases involving children, adults and the elderly; and Civil cases dealing with dental malpractice and personal injury.

Our Mission

The mission of the company is first to provide requesting individuals or agencies the help they need to establish a complete and accurate body of evidence with which a defendable expert opinion can be developed. Secondly, the company will provide a complete and accurate analysis of the evidence and develop expert opinions that can assist in the resolution of cases both criminal and civil. Thirdly, the company will refer individuals or agencies to other qualified experts if the evidence or nature of the case falls outside the capabilities of the company.